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A Chronicle in Cobalt

Assorted writing and Simming adventures

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This is the writing and Simming journal of lilycobalt [cobaltazure on Boolprop]. My layout is by the lovely introject at unequally.

Current project:

+ An Apocalypse of Ice: Apocalypse Challenge originally based on A Song of Ice and Fire. With the heir on the run from the evil Law, is the Stark family going to make it? 8/20 restrictions lifted as of Chapter 15.

Upcoming project:
+ Eloise's Story: One of the generation 8 spares for the BRRL is coming my way. I have a broad sense of the beginning and middle of her story, and eventually the details and the ending will come along.

Completed project:
+ Will Stark's Bachelor Challenge: My generation 4 heir was not happy about his arranged marriage. I made it up to him by giving him a Bachelor Challenge. He is now very happy in an alternate universe with the winner, Elaine Goodytwoshoes.