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A Chronicle in Cobalt
Assorted writing and Simming adventures
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About the Apocalypse
This journal is primarily home to An Apocalypse of Ice, a Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire. It goes through a few phases:

  • Story? What story? (Generations 1 and 2)

  • Observational and surprisingly cute for an Apocalypse, with gradually improving pictures (Generation 3)

  • Plot explosion of doom, because enough restrictions have been lifted that their lives aren't totally miserable unless I intervene with plot (Generation 4)

The following restrictions have been lifted as of Chapter 18:
01. Natural Science (Sansa)
02. Adventurer (Addison)
03. Military (Kennedy)
04. Law (Brandon)
05. Medical (Malcolm)
06. Culinary (Chris)
07. Education (Julian)
08. Science (Jan)
09. Show Business (Arthur)
10. Gamer (Will)

I use the following EPs: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Seasons, and Bon Voyage.
1st-Oct-2014 10:17 pm - Myshuno! 2014
ob: cosima 324b21
Hi everyone! I'm trying to start writing again, so, Myshuno! it is. I've also decided I don't care about spoilers anymore, so I'm not going to try to be vague in my prompt responses. Here's my card:

Maybe this will be my year!
ob: cosima 324b21
It’s done:

Because I finally played on through until the very end. It took about five years. I embarked upon this venture as a bored research assistant, looking for something to do besides play another legacy. I found community. I started writing again because of this challenge.

(And then I stopped, but I’d like to fix that.)

Here’s the very short version of how it went.

Gemma got the first lift of generation 5 with Law Enforcement. Then Lirael lifted Slacker. I never saw her as a Professional Party Guest, but she never had to go to work at all in that job. She could, however, be a Freelance Web Designer and get promoted to Professional Party Guest. Lyra came next with Politics, of course—perfect for the Popularity Leo. Meg was the last of the generation 5 sisters to lift. She got Paranormal. Meg had originally taken the job at the same time as Gemma, but got held back by a bad chance card that dropped her down several levels. Finally, Meg’s wife Adara lifted Business. She was a custom adult townie who turned out to be a General, which was not useful to me at this point in the game. I had her quit and kept her at home to be pregnant and take care of kids at first, which held her back somewhat in her career.

That was it for generation 5. In the main line, Meg and Adara had six children: twins Kit and Nita, Adam, Roslin, Tobias, and John. Nita got the first lift of the generation: Artist. I saw her as having somewhat of a musical talent herself, having to use it as a shield against the evil that threatened her. So as a prelude to Music, Artist seemed like an appropriate lift for her. Then came Kit with Music, finally restoring seasons. At that point, it didn’t matter much who lifted what. Adam got Criminal, which I suppose suits my idea of him as kind of a daredevil Pleasure Sim. And Roslin came back the next day with a Journalism lift. She’s a Libra, and she’s the one who balances the scales in the story, so I think that suited her as well.

I should post pictures, but it’s getting late. I’m not so nocturnal anymore. I’m also getting bowled over by all the pictures from generation 5 and remembering how much I cared about these goofy sets of pixels (ARTHUR I MISS YOU). I really limped toward the finish line, skimming over spares and everything. I wish I had cared more at the end. But everything comes to an end sometime.

I’m going to work on a writeup about how the story would have ended, had I finished writing it. There are parts of it I’d like to go back to. But it’s time for me to wrap this up so that I can go on.
hg: if we burn
I accomplished one of my CreMo goals pretty quickly. Under the cut, I have picspam for the founding generation of my Trailer Park Challenge, plus an heir poll.


97 pictures, plus commentary and poll, under the cutCollapse )
1st-Mar-2014 10:51 pm - SimStoCreMo 2014 Starting Stats
ob: cosima 324b21
I think that I always wonder whether I'm doing too little for SimStoCreMo, then bite off much more than I can chew in the process. I'm pretty sure I did that again this year. My goals are divided into writing and playing:

1. Complete and post Chapter 20. This includes both the written chapter and picspam from one rotation. Chapter 20 is almost done, except for four scenes, and possibly a fifth. Two of them are dramatastic scenes that I wish I could omit. Unfortunately, they're necessary for the purposes of advancing plot concerns and foreshadowing. The others are for the ending. Overall, I have about 1000 words written between the scenes I'm still working on.

2. Post the opening scene of Chapter 21 as a teaser. That scene is about halfway done.

3. Post picspam from my Trailer Park Challenge, including my first heir poll. I started playing a Trailer Park Challenge last Monday, featuring Piper as my founder. He's my go-to sim for challenges that involve some degree of suffering, after all. The family now includes his wife, Roxanne, and five kids: Hunter, Fayette (adopted), Lyla, Tommy, and Scarlett (illegitimate). As of midnight today, Hunter and Fayette were teens, Lyla was a child, Tommy was a toddler, and Scarlett was a baby.

4. Finish the Apocalypse! I threw this in as a stretch goal if I still had playing energy left. I've played far enough that I only have three restrictions left to lift. Kit is at level 8 of Music, but hasn't gone to work yet. Adam has two years left of college, and Roslin has three years left. This would take marathon playing sessions, especially given how long my rotations are becoming, but I'd love to see this concluded.

So, where am I now? Playing the TPC, of course. Lyla aged up to teen, Tommy became a child, and Scarlett became a toddler. Piper is about to become an elder. The three teens are all viable heir candidates, so it could be a competitive heir poll. Until then, I'm getting lots of social bunny sightings, and I expect to see some panhandling before much longer.

Because it's the first of the month, how about some writing music?

This is my song for lifting the final restrictions.
19th-Dec-2013 01:04 am(no subject)
ob: cosima 324b21
I'm writing again. My goal earlier this month was to post Chapter 20 by the winter solstice on Saturday. I don't think I'm going to make it, though. I am making good progress with the writing, and I don't think I'm hitting any major roadblocks the way I was with Chapter 19, but I have too much left to do. Five scenes are complete. I have some writing done for a number of the other scenes, but I have to bring them together. Chapter 20 also has a lot of big picture implications that I'd like to pin down so that I can avoid further retconning.

I also recently went through a spell of wondering why this story even matters. Like, what, I'm trying to knock out an update so that I can take forever to do another one? Bleh. But I suppose I'm still interested enough in what's going on to keep writing instead of summarizing what happens for your benefit. Plus, I don't think I'll know the entirety of how to construct the big picture arc until I finish playing.

It's been a while since I included a music feature:

The orchestral version of Lindsey Stirling's song "Elements" is incredibly fun to both listen to and write to. I enjoy the dub step version, too, but the beat makes it harder for me to write. This may also be a character theme for one of the members of generation 6, as I'm pretty sure that one of the members of the generation is a violinist.
ob: cosima 324b21
Title: Breaking Down
Prompt: “This town will be the downfall of us all.”
Universe: An Apocalypse of Ice [The Fall of the House of Stark AU]
Rating: I’m never sure where to rate things, but I want you to know this is more violent than what I usually write.
Word Count: 286
Summary: “But now the rains weep over his hall / And not a soul to hear.”
Notes: Part 2 of the AU. I’m trying to do this in chronological order, but I might need to shuffle it as the deadline to claim Myshuno approaches.

Will tossed and turnedCollapse )
24th-Oct-2013 07:15 pm - 15 Character Meme (reprise)
ob: cosima 324b21

I'm a fan of the 15 Character Meme, so I'm going to do it again. And maybe I'll finish the last meme I posted, too!

1. Make a list of 15 characters. These are all apocalypse sims. Sims appearing in Generations 1-5 are fair game, with the exception of the Wrightley and Amana gen 5s.

2. Field questions from your friends. For instance: "3, 5, and 7 are doing NaNoWriMo. What type of novel does each write, and do any of them win?" I'll answer the questions in replies.

3. Guess the characters.

hg: if we burn
Title: The Drowned
Prompt: Something is rotten in the state of Winterfell
Universe: An Apocalypse of Ice [The Fall of the House of Stark AU]
Word Count: 1322
Summary: Will and his siblings have been arrested. Lily tries to salvage the situation.
Notes: (1) There’s a square on my card for an AU where Piper never lost power. I could probably write thousands of words for that AU, so I’m going to spread it out over several prompts. This is at the beginning. (2) The title of law’s attorney comes up a few times. It’s the Winterfell equivalent of a district attorney or state’s attorney. It’s slightly redundant, but it’s the terminology that comes with the Sims game.

On the road to WinterfellCollapse )
ob: cosima 324b21
Title: Now Be Friendly
Prompt: Nymeria and Will have a talk
Universe: An Apocalypse of Ice
Word Count: 462
Summary: Exactly what the prompt sounds like.
Notes: Potentially canon for Chapter 20/early Chapter 21.

At the apoca-spaCollapse )
28th-Sep-2013 11:25 pm - Myshuno Card: 2013 Edition
ob: cosima 324b21
It’s time for Myshuno 2013 to start in a few days! Here’s my card for this year, now with a lot of quotes :D I’m already excited about some of these prompts and have no idea what I’ll do with others. Fortunately, there’s time to figure that out.

My cardCollapse )
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